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Pb Blocker


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Pb Blocker was originally formulated to combat lead build-up in the barrels of Glock pistols.  After extensive testing with extremely positive results, we soon discovered many additional applications including lead, plastic, and copper with the same, excellent results.   The unique coating abilities of PbBlocker virtually eliminate the extensive cleaning process. Simply put, PbBlocker enables you to Shoot More and Clean Less safely!

  • Reduces all build -up
  • Easier to clean
  • Works in all firearms
  • Allows hotter loads
  • Shoot more, clean less

Before PbBlocker:

After PbBlocker:

How to use Pb Blocker:

For best results the barrel should be clean and warmed with hair dryer or heat lamp.  PbBlocker will work in field conditions without warming.

  1. Clean the bore
  2. Warm the barrel with heat lamp or hair dryer
  3. Moisten a loose fitting patch and swab liberally
  4. Let set
  5. Swab again to remove excess