Cut Cleaning Time By 90%

Before Pb Blocker, after 100 rds hc lead bullets! After Pb Blocker after 100 rds hc lead bullets!

before pb blocker

after using pb blocker. Firing 100 rounds of HC lead bullets... almost no fouling!

Pb Blocker has many unique attributes including:

  • cut down on fouling and build up,
  • dramatically decrease your cleaning time,
  • shoot hotter loads without risk of fouling,
  • shoot less expensive lead rounds without lead build up in the barrel,
  • works with any type of firearm!


Pb Blocker was originally designed to help prevent lead build up in Glock pistols which are prone to lead build up. During testing we fired over 1000 rounds of lead bullets through a Glock model 22 (.40 cal) and experienced minimal leading.  In fact it was barely detectable.We reduced lead build up by 90% with 1 application of Pb Blocker.


It did not take long to realize the many bennefits of Pb Blocker.  After the 1st application of Pb Blocker we noticed cleaning time also significantly decreased. How did this happen? Pb Blocker creates a protective coating in your barrel which produces an easier cleaning process.


Pb Blocker’s unique protective coating allows hotter rounds with less friction.  Testing has resulted in increased FPS (feet per second) with the combination of hotter rounds without loosing accuracy.


Many people have also reported increased accuracy with just a single application.


With Pb Blocker you can save money by shooting less expensive ammunition and not have to worry about fouling.  Pb Blocker is a must have for any firearm owner.